Nthwese Developments donate over R500 000 worth of Office furniture to communities

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11 May 2021, Johannesburg – In an effort to help underprivileged communities, churches, orphanages, and public schools whose institutional efficiencies have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nthoese Developments has committed to donating R500 000, 00 worth of office furniture.

“Community outreach programmes and development initiatives have always been central to Nthoese Developments’ ethos and CSIs. We believe corporate institutions have a responsibility to invest in and philanthropically support our most vulnerable people, public institutions, and community NGOs. Only then can we build a sustainably prosperous and equitable country,” said Herbert Theledi, Founder and Managing Director of Nthoese Developments.  

The sustainability of public schools, orphanages and community NGOs is reliant on consistent operational resources. With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, underprivileged communities and their organisations are under siege. Privileged individuals and institutions have prioritised providing these communities and organisations with medicines, food, clothes, and shelter. Nthoese Developments commends these efforts, but we also believe for these communities and organisations to continue operating at a successful level, they also require resources such as office furniture- which would have been the first budget cuts during a pandemic. We pledge to contribute to the efforts being made by other privileged entities by donating furniture to those in need.

Nthoese Developments has made furniture donations to over 60 places across Gauteng. One of the recipients, Musengavhadzimu Primary School in Diepsloot, had suffered numerous burglaries that left the school with insufficient furniture. Noting the operational difference our donations have made, we are committed to ensuring we reach as many underprivileged communities and organisations as possible.

“Now more than ever, the philosophy of ubuntu needs to infiltrate every aspect of how corporations relate to disadvantaged communities, institutions and NGOs. In these unprecedented times, we must ensure these communities and organisations are functional and sustainable. As such, our goal in providing these communities and organisations with furniture is to lessen their financial burdens and create a comfortable and dignified living, worshipping, or working environment,” concluded Theledi.



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